A Cooperative, Tactical Boss Battling Board Game where 1-4 players engage in an epic campaign.

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Players: 1-4 Time: 30 min/player Age:14+

So, turns out the twelve zodiac signs are

actually gigantic demi-gods that awake

from a 25,920-year slumber to eradicate

humanity. In this miniature board game

experience, you must fight against

intelligent enemies powered by

the Teburu system.

We Should Probably Start Kicking Ass

So Humanity Isn’t Obliterated.

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What’s All the Buzz About?

The Bad Karmas features fast-paced combat with tactical maneuvering and digital action cards. Each Zodiac encounter is set in distinct environments and each pose diverse tactical challenges. Thanks to the Teburu system, the Zodiacs are AI-driven, making them aware and responsive to player actions, while digital audiovisual effects bring a new level of immersion to the tabletop.

Yeah, We’re Unusual Heroes. Deal With It.

These four predestined, and unsuspecting heroes shall fight the 12 Zodiacs before they reset the world as we know it. After coming across rare and unique artifacts, the protagonists awaken their inner powers.

Face the Zodiacs.

Aries is the first of the Zodiacs, forged of obsidian and gold, imprisoned in a millennial sleep in the depths of the Earth. As a representative of the fire elements, he is easily enraged, and once initiated, his reckless charge is unstoppable!

Players: 1-4 Time: 30 min/player Age: 14+

Alright, Put Your Shoes On.

We’ve Got a Planet to Save.

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